Paintball Acle

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Acle Paintball - Paintballing Near Acle

If you are looking to play Paintball in Acle, you are only a short distance away from our fantastic venue in Norwich.

Duck, weave and sprint to be Acle’s paintballing champion – that trophy is in your reach! Head over to Acle’s paintball site and test your abilities.

Is it an interesting birthday party venue you’re looking for or are you and your friends just looking for a fun day out? Either way, Acle’s paintball site is your very simple answer. Skirmish’s paintball venue in Acle is perfectly engineered – with man-made and natural barriers, trenches and wooden barricades you’ve got all your need for the paintballing battle of a lifetime.

Map out your tactics, make a list of objectives and get out there with friends, family and locals alike – paintballing in Acle just got serious.

Acle is on the River Bure on the Norfolk Broads, and the Acle paintball site is only 10 miles away. That means that a short, 15 minute drive is all that’s separting you from a day filled with laughter, Matrix-like manoeuvres, and a whole lot of shooting. Get to it!


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