Mid Week/Corporate Events

Norwich Corporate Events

Mid Week Events

 All mid-week bookings need to be confirmed with  full payment in advance via our booking office, and we will create a bespoke package for each event. To discuss your requirements and make a booking please call us on 01508 481841

Minimum requirements are as follows

Half Days 

£500 for up to 20 players, includes all kit plus 300 paintballs per attending player*. 

Extra players can be added at the standard package rates.

Full Days 

£500 for up to 14 players includes all kit plus 500 paintballs per attending player*.

Extra players can be added at the standard package rates.

Terms and conditions

*Please note that paintballs are issued as per the number of players on site e.g.  if 13 players arrive on the full day 13 x 500 paintballs will be issued, not 14 x 500, if 8 players turn up on the half day 8 x 300 paintballs will be issued not 20 x 300, if extra players are booked on ie a total of 20 players on the full day and only15 turn up, the 5 paid players will be issued with there paint first, and the remaining 10 will be issurd 500 balls each from the £500 PACKAGE  All midweek bookigns must be pre paid in full in advance and necessary vat invoices can be supplied on request.

Mid-Week School Bookings.   Please contact the booking office for special school rates