Bridge Siege

“Will you capture this critical advantage, or will it be A Bridge Too Far?!”


The river stands between you and your final objective; to capture the city of Norwich. Now there is no option but to press on and take control of this Paintball Arena.

This river is crossed by three bridges, it is essential that these bridges are captured in-tact and undamaged, so that the Armoured Assault can push on to capture Norwich, defeat the opposing team and take your victory.


This is no easy mission though. Defended by large defensive positions where you will have to test your Bunker Buster skills before pushing on to the city. So advance with care, using all your battle skills and tactics.

Bridge Siege is a large paintball field divided by a ditch that runs across it at the half way point representing the river. Three bridges cross the ditch, and each bridge has either natural defensive positions or manmade.

Slit trenches cover one side of the paintball field where a hail of paintballs can be laid down from to suppress the opposing paintball team. This is a gamezone that requires skill, teamwork and courage.

Make sure you plan your tactics carefully, carry sufficient supplies of ammo and kit for this assault.

TIP - Several large oaks make good cover for paintball players, but be careful that the opposing team do not sneak through the more dense cover downstream and out-flank you.

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