Fuel Dump

“Protect your vital fuel supplies and capture more fuel from your enemy”


In this Paintball Arena you are guarding your vital fuel dump set in dense woodland. It has to be protected at all costs.

Orders come through that large quantities of fuel are required on the Armoured Assault field but you have insufficient fuel to supply demand.

There is no option; you have to capture more fuel from your enemy, cutting them off and supplying your team with much-needed resources for your next assault.


Divide your paintball team in to two, a defensive unit to protect your valuable supplies of fuel. And a Search and Capture Team to take control of the enemy’s fuel dump located on the out skirts of Norwich.

This game requires teamwork and courage. Once located, capture the opposing team’s own Fuel Dump intact and transport the fuel back for use by your own paintballing team for the next mission.

This is a very dense paintball arena, with a fuel dump set at each end. Running down the arena are scattered piles of empty fuel drums that provide good cover. Use them to advance on the enemy but approach with care to avoid being picked off.

TIP - Smoke bombs can enhance your ability to make good headway when under a hail of paintballs, and for the final assault use one of our new Paintball Grenades to clear out the defending team, making sure you do not blow up the fuel dump in the process.

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