Trench Zone

“It’s right here that winners are made and losers suffer defeat”


The last defences before the city of Norwich falls. The Armoured Assault has been successful and all that stands in your way is a system of earth-work trenches that have to be cleared by boots on the ground.

Your mission is simple; use all your craft and skill, matched with courage and determination, then wipe them out and win the game.


What’s around the next corner? Should you try and storm it over the top, or will you use your battle-craft to seek out and destroy the enemy?

Trench is one paintball arena that really gets the adrenaline flowing to the max. It’s warfare that makes paintballing thrilling and exciting. But you’ll need to keep your nerve.

Smoke bombs, paintball grenades and flash-bangs all come into play here to wear down your opposition. Lay down suppressing fire and then move it to take the battle to you enemy.

One of the most asked-for paintball arenas at Skirmish Paintball Norwich. It’s where you get to relive, in safety, what so many have experienced for real. It’s fast, it’s action-packed.

A square map with a zig-zag trench that runs all the way around the paintball arena. Some parts are densely covered, giving you the chance to advance with stealth.

However, the centre ground is fairly open and can become a killing field. Use all your tactics and gameplay to lure out your opponents and take them out before they can advance on you and your team.

Play Trench with us and you’ll understand why Skirmish has some of the best rated paintball arenas in the country.

TIP - At the top and bottom of the arena is some good cover which you can use to help clear the trenches.

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