Amoured Assault

“The final crucial Paintball Arena, where the winners take all!”


This is it. The final paintball battle is looming. Get ready for serious all out Paintball action.

You have captured the Bridges, trained for Close-Quarter Assault in the Hyper Tyres and now with your Armoured Vehicle you have to make the final assault on the city of Norwich.

Paintball belts strapped to your waist, your pockets crammed with paintball grenades, smoke bombs and flash bangs it is time for the final assault.

It is in this Arena that you get to experience Paintball action that’s truly fast and furious.


A small but very dense Paintball Arena that requires courage to push home your attack. Tall bracken covers most of this arena in the summer months giving excellent cover. Use it wisely.

Now you get to use your sneaky battle tactics. Move with stealth and quietly to seek out and neutralise your enemies, picking them off one by one.

Be careful though, in the fog of war you need to know where your team mates and avoid any ‘blue-on-blue’ casualties. Don’t give the opposing paintball team any advantage.

TIP - Once you discover one of the opposing paintball team it is important to eliminate them before they scurry away and eliminate you with one paintball from a new hidden lair.

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