Hyper Tyre

“It’s right here that you’ll hone your Close-Quarter Battle skills”


The smallest arena on the paintball field but one of the most challenging and exhilarating.

Hyper Tyre is a maze of stacked tyres, very close to each other to encourage movement. It is nearly possible to shoot a paintball from one end to the other, and is possible to shoot across this arena.

But this game is not about long-range tactics; rather it’s up close and very personal. It’s where paintballing really comes to life.


This is a great field for learning your close quarter attack skills that you will need when attacking in Bunker Buster or the Towers arena.

Above all speed is of essence in this game. The ground you take in the first 5 seconds is free, from then on you will have to fight for ground with paintballs and everything you’ve got.

You must advance and aim to wipe out your opposing players, as quickly as you can. So you’ll need to be ready for fast action and good shooting skills. Work as a team, stay focused.

It is important to break out to the flanks of the field, once you get in cover keep tight, keep looking left and right. Keep scanning for advancing enemies.

Avoid getting tunnel vision in front of you; your best targets will be presented to you on your flanks. Work as a team and press home your attack.

TIP - If a paintball player is shot out in front of you push forward quickly, check your flanks and eliminate an opposing player be for he sees you.

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