Speed Ball

“A challenging paintball arena with some tricky surprises”


Search and destroy. This is a fast-play paintball arena where you'll need to deploy your best combat tactics and skill. You objective is simple; take out your opposing team quickly and with surgical precision. 

A paintball arena of two halves, one with dense cover and the other open, with a ditch crossed by three bridges running from top to bottom of the map. Use the battle ground wisely and plan your attack.


Your choice, do you attack through the dense cover, or up the barricades on the open side of the map?

Each has its advantage and disadvantage. If you attack up the barricades and use your skills learned in Hyper Tyre to push forwards you can make good ground.

Be warned though, it is virtually impossible to see into the ‘dark half’ of this paintball arena were a sniper could be lying in wait for you. Snipers; deadly enemies trained to pick you off, so move with stealth and caution.

If you choose to attack through the dense cover be ready for full-on battle with your opposing team. Your heart will be pounding as you never know who will be behind the next tree, eyes open and stay alert.

Good communication is critical as an opposing paintball players must be eliminated quickly once discovered. Work as a team and snatch victory before you opponents do.

TIP - Don’t get isolated as the game could be won on the other side of the map without you knowing it.

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