Tower Zone

“A Fully 3 Dimensional Paintball Battle – use the vantage points for victory!”


In this highly popular paintball arena you have one main objective; wipe out the enemy from a position of advantage, dominate the game.

However, now the gameplay changes and becomes more involved. You have multiple choices. You can advance through cover, or take your position in your Tower. Are you a sniper, or will you engage in ground combat?


Two, two-storey towers are the main features of this paintball gamezone, one is positioned in the top corner as you enter the battle field and the other is in the far bottom corner.

With open space there is also good cover provided by a number of substantial trees in this paintball map. Use this opportunity wisely.

In the top far corner are rhododendron bushes that provide excellent ground cover, so use these to advance on your opponents. Seek them out, engage and take them out of the game.

Or work towards your objective through the bottom near corner of the map, where there are slit trenches and mounds that can be used for excellent cover.

Each tower makes a great observation point, or sniper position, so it is critical to knock them out if the Armoured Assault on Norwich is going to take place.

Use the towers wisely, do not cram troops into them were they could become a sitting target, but use them as a spotter tower relaying information to your forward troops who eventually will need to clear out the trenches .

Work together, manage your command and control and maintain good comms.

TIP – If you want to victorious it’s very important to take the flanks on this field!

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