Ammo Dump

“A fast-paced, action-packed and popular Paintball Arena”


Capture supplies of ammo and fuel for your paintball team prior to the Armoured Assault taking place.

Your primary mission is to secure more ammo before heading off to the Fuel Dump to destroy the opposing paintball teams supply of fuel .

Ammo Dump is one of our larger paintballing arenas, proving space and mix of good cover.

Set in an area of woodland that boasts some large mature oak trees and parts of the ground are clear of undergrowth giving good fields of fire. On entering the field it becomes noticeable that the left hand side is denser than the right.

As you get closer to Ammo Dump the terrain and cover gets denser. The left flank being guarded by a pond, to the right lies more open ground, spent ammo cases and several fallen trees that can give good cover. So plan your approach with care and good battle tactics.

The far ammo dump is in much more open terrain, but surrounded by large oak trees giving good defensive positions and open fields of fire.


When attacking the far Ammo Dump it is often a good ploy to stay at extreme range, firing very few paintballs at the opposing team.

Draw them out by encouraging them to waste their paintball ammo supply on you, while preserving your own supplies.

Then, once it becomes apparent that they are low on ammo it is time to press home your attack.

If attacking the closer base, the defending paintballers will probably be hided in the dense under growth, so approach with extreme caution.

TIP - If you assault around the pond you can often sneak into the bases and out with a large part of their team not even seeing you. Snatch victory and take the game!  

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