Bunker Buster

"Close Combat Paintball Action at its Best"


Your objective is bust those bunkers and take the opposition who are planning to do the same. Do you have what it takes to outwit, out manoeuvre and out shoot them? 

Formidable bunkers defend the Bridges and once they have been seized the bunkers need knocking out before the armoured assault can take place on the final trenches surrounding Norwich.


At each end of this paintballing arena are 2 large Command bunkers, with 3 smaller bunkers in front, which give fire cover over the ditch that divides this awesome paintball map in half.

The 3 small paintball bunkers can give covering fire to each other, and the command bunker at the back can give covering fire to the smaller bunkers in front. Use these wisely and plan your assault tactics, as well as your defence.

It is better to concentrate your attack on one flank using paintball grenades and smoke bombs. Once you’ve managed to punch through a flank do not turn on the command bunker, as you could come under heavy paintball fire from the command bunker and central small bunker.

Instead push on up the flank till you are level or past the main command bunker, then turn in and attack. Here you can seize the advantage and take the battle to your opponent.

TIP - Make sure your paintball players spread out, with covering fire keeping down the heads of the defenders. Suppressing fire is critical to protect your assault team!

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