Laser Tag

laser tag in norwich

Play Laser Tag at Skirmish Norwich!

Please Note Skirmish Norwich is closed till the end of March, as we are moving the venue to the other side of Norwich to the NDR Reepham road junction


Laser Tag is great for the whole family, from kids to Grandad, everyone can get involved.

Fun and safe with different maps and many game scenarios to play.

Two hour sessions include 6+ games with longer three hour sessions including 8+ games.

Laser Tag is also brilliant or birthday parties.

Our staff are friendly and helpful insuring that your child and friends have a birthday party they will be talking about forever.


What Is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a combat style game that is played in our woodland by two opposing teams.

We equip each player with a ‘laser gun’ that can be programed to replicate the firepower of any hand-held weapon. The guns fire a harmless and invisible infra-red beam up to 500 metres that is detected by sensors worn by all the players.

We are able to reprogram the guns very quickly, enabling us to set them up for the age range/ type of game we want. So for example; younger players we will have plenty of ‘lives’ and for adults (maybe a stag-party group for example) we will limit the number of lives and vary the style of weapons.

As these guns fire an infra-red beam there is no charge for extra ammunition; just pull the trigger and it will fire until your ‘clip’ runs out. Then you simply have to press reload to be rearmed again.

When a player is ‘hit’ by an opponent the sensors they are wearing will flash and the gun will make a noise. This indicates that you’ve been shot and have lost one of your lives. If you are shooting another player you will see their lights flash, telling you that you’ve scored a hit.

Laser Tag Game Maps -

We have nine different Laser Tag game maps at the Skirmish wood, each having different features. This means we play a variety of games across all of them.

With most groups we will start with a Rejuvenation Game; where once you are shot out you return to base, return back into the game and carry on until shot out again, and so it goes on until the times up.

The team with the least Rejuvenations are the winners.

We play this game so everyone can become familiar with the weapon, how to operate it and become more accurate.

Then we might move on to play Capture The Flag, which, as the name suggests, is about capturing the flag ofyour opposing team.

After Capture The Flag we start to vary games based upon players age and ability. The very young groups often want to return to play Rejuvenation, as they want to run around and shoot! However older groups might move on to Total Elimination, or even games such as Sniper.

Game Play Sessions -

A normal Laser Tag session is 2 hours in duration. The first half-an-hour is used for kitting up and briefing to ensure everyone is ready for the gameplay.

Then it’s out onto the Maps for 1 ½ hours for fast Laser Tag action. We aim to complete 6 games in this time.

Spectators/photographers are welcome to watch games, as they are at no risk from the guns. Parents of younger groups often like to be on the field with soft drinks, etc. for the short breaks in between games. Laser Tag is great for families and big groups.

Adult Supervision -

We ask that at least one parent is on-hand for groups of 8 to 12 year olds. For the little things that may be required, such as toilet breaks or if a child needs a comforting arm (the wood can be a strange place for an 8-year old who finds himself all by their own, or even startled by a friend jumping out of a bush).

So, Laser Tag is a simple, safe and fun way to enjoy a team sport. It’s a game. However, it does require concentration, cunning, and courage. It’s also awesome fun!

If you want to come and try a game, or if you’d like to book a group or party (it’s great for both stag/hen parties and birthday parties) call us today or book online now.

We offer Skirmish Laser Games at our two Norfolk Paintball venues but not at our Ipswich paintball park in Suffolk.

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