Tips For Paintball Beginners Part 2

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Tips for Beginners - Part 2

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Paintball Winning Mindset and Strategy –

When you first play paintball everything can be very confusing. At Skirmish we’ve welcomed literally thousands of paintball beginners.

After a couple of games and you have got used to your equipment, it is time to think about the objective of the next game before the “game on” is called.

The first thing you must decide is; do you want to achieve the objective and win the game? Or are you a solo player out there doing your own thing having a great time regardless if your team (or the team you are playing with) wins or loses?

Paintball is a team game. And paintball beginners who quickly learn the team-skills needed will soon find themselves on the winning team.

I have watched many times when a losing team comes in and one player is boasting that he was the only one who survived.

He’s really proud of himself, proud that he was the only one left, proud that the other team could not shoot him, he is in his own world and does not realise he has lost.

The stark truth of paintball is if I have a ten man team, and you have a ten man team, you shoot nine of us out, and we shoot none of you, but we achieve the objective, we have won, you have lost.

Paintball is about skill and strategy. Sure, you can have a lot of fun just ‘going Rambo’ and firing off as many paintballs as you can. But you won’t win the game.

This needs to be understood along with the fact that paintball is a game. If you get ‘shot’, that is not the end of the world and you will be in the next game in 20 minutes.

This does not advocate you charging round like a headless Rambo chucking away your life for nothing, but expending it to achieve the objective and win.

Trust me, that’s an awesome feeling, for you and all your team mates!!


I remember a game that we had won, but our Captain wanted to achieve max points and the was one opposition player left that would give us 5 more points, we were running out of time, so he told me to stand up and walk down the field.

The opposition player shot me of course, but our team now knew where he was. With his location confirmed he was quickly despatched and we walked off the field with max points.

Even though I was technically ‘dead’ I had won and helped my team to win the game.  

So, you must play as a team; the team wins or loses, never the individual. And this is what makes Paintball a lot more fun and exhilarating.

This is the way we teach people to play Paintball at Skirmish.


Shooting –

There are two types of firing in Paintball; elimination and suppression.

Elimination is you are trying to take your opposition player out of the game.

Suppression is where you are trying to keep your opposition player pinned down, while a team mate moves to take him/her out. Both forms of shooting are as valuable as each other.

Elimination Fire -

Firstly, you must be able to see part of the other player or his equipment to eliminate him, and he must be in range.

You now have two choices; spray-and-pray, or aim for a hit. I can’t help you with the first tactic but I can with the second.

Fire your paintball gun like a shot gun, both eyes open, you can watch the trajectory of the ball. Keep the gun in front of your eyes and look down the length of the barrel.

When I’m in a Paintball game I like to ‘double-tap’.  Two shots in quick succession. Bang-bang… bang-bang… bang-bang .

As I’m firing I’m watching the paintballs go forward and I’m adjusting my aim accordingly.

If I fire too fast, the gun starts to wave all over the place, so the skill is to fire off your shots nice and steady, keeping them on target.

If the opponent pulls himself into cover, bang-bang… bang-bang on his cover, then STOP. Keep aiming on target; now he’s going to pop out, and bang-bang… it’s bye-bye!

Suppression Fire –

Suppression fire can be very hard for a novice player, as they are often banging out paintballs with no direct result.

However, suppression fire is crucial to your team winning.

If you or your team cannot get the angle on an opposition player to eliminate him, then someone must move to get the angle on him or her. And moving to a better firing position presents risks.

So, I have a quick chat with my team mate, communicating quickly and effectively what the plan is.

Then, we both start firing, suppressing the opposing player. I then move quickly to my new position, and you keep a steady rate of fire up until I get to my new firing position.

Once I get into cover, you keep firing. I quickly check myself and my position; I am in either a position to eliminate the player, or not?

If not, we both stop firing and wait. Potentially he then pops up, and bang-bang from both of us. Again, it’s bye-bye for your opponent. Regardless of who fired the winning shot, we both eliminated him through team-work and strategy.

Suppression fire can also be used to push a player out of cover for a team mate to shoot him, usually from a small barricade or a tree.

Let’s say that you’ve got an opposition player caught behind a large tree. You’ve pushed him in from the left hand side and you have a team mate to your right.

You are now going to keep up a steady rate of fire; bang-bang… bang-bang, forcing him to back around the tree. All the time firing to the left side of the tree, pushing and pushing, until his back comes into view of your team mate on your right. Once again, it’s bang-bang, bye-bye!

You might have fired 50 to 100 paintballs, and your team mate eliminated him with 2, but then next time it might be the other way round.

Suppression fire is not spray-and-pray, it has an objective, it produces results, when used properly it wins games.

So if you want to improve your game-play, learn how to be more effective with your paintball ammunition, and, above all, learn to WIN, then learn and practice these strategies and tactics.

Come and play Paintball at Skirmish; we’ll show you how!


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