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Is Paintball Safe?

People often ask ‘Is paintball safe’?

All sports and activities carry a risk of injury and paintball is no different. So we take seriously the need to ensure all our players observe safety rules and understand potential risks.

This way you get to enjoy your game, as do the rest of your team or friends, without unnecessary risk of injury to anyone.

At Skirmish Paintball Norfolk our job is to identify those risks and manage them to a level that is acceptable. Unfortunately, as with any sport or activity, it is not possible to eliminate all risks completely.

The first obvious risk is damage caused by paintballs on impact. So what areas of the body are at risk, and what could be the worst scenario?

Eyes – without correct eye protection there is a risk of eye damage or even blindness

Ears – a paintball shot directly to the ear could be painful and even cause deafness

Mouth – however unlikely, getting a paintball in the mouth could lead to choking


Face Protection –

We use the V Force Paintball Goggle System to protect the eyes ears and mouth which will prevent any damage to the above parts.

The goggle system has to be worn at all times when customers leave the designated Safe Area. This includes the gun area, walking to game zones, dead boxes, game zones, etc.

Our trained and experienced Paintball Marshals supervise that goggles are worn all the time, and customers that infringe the rules are made to sit a game out. And will have the “Goggles On” rules read to them again, they are asked if they understand, and sign to say they do.

If they remove the goggles a second time they are asked to leave the venue. We take eye and face protection very seriously.

The risk to eyes, ears and mouth are negligible as long as safety instructions are followed properly.


Female Players –

Risk - Chest  damage to sensitive tissue, potential for ruptured breast implants

Again the risks of woman players being injured are low but to ensure maximum safety we provide all women players chest protectors.

Male And Female Players –

Risk – Possible injury to the groin area.

The risk of sustaining an injury here is very low, as baggy overalls cover this area and will absorb the impact of the paintball.

Risk - Twisted Ankles

Paintball is an outdoor sport played in all weather over rough terrain. It is recommended that you wear foot wear that supports your ankles.

We do not advise players to wear light footwear such as trainers. Some form of boot with ankle protection and support are much better for grip and reduce the risk of twisted ankles.

Risk - Breaks/Dislocations

The game zones are designed to play paintball, but they are full of obstacles. If you run into a tree, or throw yourself against an obstacle, jump a ditch that you are not supposed too, something has to give, so listen to the field safety talk and follow the rules.

Common sense and knowing your limits are your best form of safety. Remember, Paintball is a game, not a matter of life or death. So don’t take silly risks and please, don’t run into a tree; that generally hurts!


Medical Conditions –

Do you have a medical condition?

It’s important for us to be aware of any sort of medical condition that may affect your ability to play paintball, or cause possible issues for you or others.

You have to judge if you think you are fit to play. Our staff are not Doctors but are first aid trained. If you’re unsure if your medical condition may pose a risk please ask but it is your responsibility to seek the correct medical advice from your Doctor before booking your game.

On the other hand, if you do have a condition that flares up during the day it is useful that you inform the Staff of it discretely before going out on the first game.

This way they have the heads up and can deal with it promptly and correctly.

Dehydration –

Dehydration is not simply caused by lack of water. The biggest risk of dehydration when playing paintball is overheating, generally due to wearing too many layers of clothing.

Many people, especially paintball beginners, mistakenly believe that more layers of clothing will protect them. This is not a good idea and can lead to overheating.

We can only give advice to customers, as much as we wish we could force customers to wear less padding we cannot, so try to avoid overheating and drink plenty of fluids before and during the day, especially in the summer.

Weather –

Paintball is an outdoor sport played throughout the year.  The two extremes of cold and heat are the two obvious elements to consider, both are easy to combat.

Rain and wind are the most dangerous. Rain causes mud which means the ground can become slippery, thus players are more likely to slip.

So listen carefully to briefings during the field talk, when potential slip hazards will be mentioned.

A dry set of clothes is recommended for rainy days, especially in the winter months were hyperthermia could be a risk. Getting wet isn’t a problem, as long as you can change into dry warm clothes.

Cuts and Grazes –

Again, running about in the outdoors can mean the risk of cuts and grazes, which are likely to be minor.

Players who find twigs or stones that may cause minor cuts; these need to be dealt with correctly.

If you do get cut or grazed please seek out a Staff member as soon as safe to do so, they can then direct you to receive First Aid.

Wasps –

A minor risk but worth noting, especially important for anyone with certain allergies.

During the wasp season nests have to be located, assessed to location on game zone, cordoned off or the game zone removed from play until the nest is removed or destroyed.


In Conclusion –

A list of hazards like those above may sound shocking but it’s important to be aware of these, and manage them.

It’s also worth noting that Paintball is considered safer than football by our insurance company because we manage the risks correctly.

If you have any questions about safety, or simply want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct.

Is Paintball Safe?   Yes


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