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Skirmish Paintball Rules

A short blog on the rules at Skirmish Paintball Games, which are important and essential for all Paintball Players to read.

Please note; as well as reading these Paintball Rules you will also need to listen to the Safety Talk that you will hear at the beginning of your paintball day or session at our Norwich or Ipswich venues.

These safety briefings are important; as you will also be give other information and guidance, such as “how to wear your paintball mask” demonstrated to you.

Paintball Goggles must be worn at all times in the wood. The only part of the wood that you do not have to wear your goggles is the “Safe Compound” which will be shown to you on the day. Once you pass the “Goggles on Now” sign as you enter the gun rack area, your goggles must remain on your face until you have re-racked your gun and you have fully entered the Safe Compound.

Please note that “Dead Boxes” are not safe areas and goggles must be worn.
When you have been eliminated from a game you are not safe and your goggles must remain on until you have returned to the Safe Compound.
When the final whistle goes to end the game, goggles must remain on until you reach the safe zone.
When the paintball hoppers have been removed, and the guns discharged into the ground, your goggles still remain on.
Once shot out of a game remain in the Dead Box, all players must return as one block.

No Paintball guns are permitted in the Safe Compound under any circumstances. If you have a gun issue please rack your gun first and inform your marshal.
Boundaries of Game zones will be shown to you at the start of each game, remain within the boundaries at all times.
The removing of Paintball shot marks during the game is forbidden
Once you have eliminated yourself from a game you are not permitted to re-enter that game, unless the ‘Rejuvenation’ game scenario is being played.
Surrender. If you are within 10 feet of someone please ask them to surrender, if they do not you can Shoot them (please consider safety when shooting at close range).
The Marshals decision is final. If right or wrong.
Dead players must not shout back into the game, or point players out.
Dead players must never shoot from the Dead Box.
Please do not shoot the Paintball Marshals intentionally!
Pyrotechnics can only be sold to and used by players aged 18 years or older.
No alcohol or drugs are permitted. Players must not attend intoxicated.


These Paintball Rules are vital for your safety and the safety of every other player and person at the Paintball Site. They are compulsory and part of the terms and conditions of play.

It is essential that we maintain a strict policy of Safety, and all rules are applied equally. If a Player breaks any of these rules they will be warned, or, in the event of a serious breach (or repetitive) the Player may be asked to leave the Paintball Site.

We want you to enjoy your day with us at Skirmish Paintball, feel safe and comfortable. By following these Rules and providing experienced Marshals we have maintained an excellent safety record. 


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